Best BuilderAll Website Builder Review – It Really Works!



Best BuilderAll Website Builder Review

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Best BuilderAll Website Builder Review

10 thoughts on “Best BuilderAll Website Builder Review – It Really Works!

  1. Scott…I would actually pay for the MailingBoss feature alone, HOWEVER, I just discovered that you can’t generate form code for use on non-BA websites. Drag and drop without having to worry about code and css IS nice, but again, Builderall seems to fail in the usability department. The amount of clicks and back and forth between various menus to get something done needs to be improved. I can’t see how someone could easily convert DVDs into an online course with Builderall. The way you have to link ever page to the menu, and I can’t have a scrollable sidebar with the lessons like on other hosted platforms. My impression, after spending a day or two messing around with it is that they’ve tried to include too many features, and haven’t perfected any single one of them =(

    email me if you would like to chat about Builderall.

    • I can see you’ve just „messed around with it“. Did you notice how many plans they have for improvements that came as requests from the users? And what have already been accomplished? And all of it will still be for the same price you pay when you join. They even plan to have a completely functional webinar platform included which is not going to cost you a cent extra. You can rip your DVD’s and load them on YT, Vimeo or wherever and embed the links on your membership site which you can design and lay out as you like.

  2. Two Quick questions:
    1) Can you send just a simple broadcast to your list like in Aweber without it being a part of a sequence?
    2) I saw the video creator. Do you have the ability to embed other videos not created by Builderall like Youtube or Vimeo or anything else?

    • Hi Richie. You can do both. In BuilderAll you just send a regular campaign to a selected list or all and you can segment them and also create another list from the people who sign up. You can embed any video if you have the HTML code.

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