Bob The Builder All Theme Songs



This is all the theme songs!

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51 thoughts on “Bob The Builder All Theme Songs

    • In my opinion the show died when Bob moved to Sunflower Valley and also when Skip and Trix left in Project Build It. The new US voices in Project Build It were also terrible. I sometimes try to imagine what it would be like if the original show had kept going and there were no spin-offs.

  1. why did it make the transition from stopmotion to CGI I understand that it was to appeal to kids of this generation but it just doesn’t feel right ?

  2. All Themes in order and their ratings:
    Original: 10/10
    Project: BUILD IT!: 9/10
    On Site: 9/10 (wtf is up with the voice ?)
    Ready, Steady, BUILD!: 6/10
    New one: NEGATIVE 20/10

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