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13 thoughts on “BuilderAll 101 – How To Connect Your Domain

    • It’s really not though. Just go to the options and „connect domain“
      The only complicated thing is doing it on the domain’s end.

    • What is confusing?

      Step 1) Change DNS on your domain providers service settings
      Step 2) Connect domain and enter domain URL
      Step 3) Enjoy.

    • Does anyone know why my hostgator account will not change name servers. The first name server turns red in hostgator when i try to save name servers?

  1. I bought a domain ( for all of my affiliate marketing that I do for certain products/services. Can I use the same domain for all of my landing pages that I build within builderall? For example, for my critical bench landing page, I could connect it to and for my better life landing page, I could connect it to and so on and so forth. However, when I did this, Builderall gave me an „invalid domain error“ message. Also, I tried to just connect all of my landing pages to just with no subdomains or subfolders and it could only connect I think to one landing page – so one domain per landing page. I hope I don’t have to purchase domains for each landing page/site that I build on Builderall. Please help. Thank you.

    • You setup the DNS to builderall? Then make one website with different pages and it should work. Or make different websites and use sub domains.

      For example:

      And put one front end page promoting all other pages on another website:

      Let me know if that helped

  2. Thanks Randy for this interesting video. However, I have an issue with moving the content of my site to builderall. My site ( has some contents which have already been iframed and at the moment is in builderall. My major issue is that it can`t appear in the site i built with builderall.
    Your kind advice is highly solicited. Thank you.

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