BuilderAll 101 – The Ultimate Digital Marketing Platform – Introduction



Welcome to BuilderAll U. Our mission is to help you understand the most amazing internet marketing tool on the internet today, you guessed it, BuilderAll!

BuilderAll is providing you with all the internet marketing tools you need to become successful in the on-line digital world.

We show you how to use the platform but more importantly, we show you what you can do with it and what strategies you should use.

We focus on Brand & Content strategies to create Fans instead of Customers. We build brands that last. Brands that make an impact.

If you want to send me a direct message, DM me on Instagram:

For questions, please leave a comment down below and let me know what you want me to talk about.

Our goal is to make at least one video a day (Monday till Friday).
What you can expect is video's about Mindset, Productivity, Strategy, Brand design, Marketing and Interviews with great minds in the industry.

For BuilderAll Tutorials, I will add new parts to this series along the way. It's a learning curve for me as it is for you. The better I get, the more I will share. If I can help you with anything, just send me a message on FB or ask inside of the BuilderAll FB Group and we will try to help you out as much as possible.

Enjoy and I hope to talk to you soon!

Randy Hereman

27 thoughts on “BuilderAll 101 – The Ultimate Digital Marketing Platform – Introduction

  1. Great Stuff. Why does it kick you out of your BuilderAll dashboard when you click on the link to view this video? That’s not convenient…

    • Actually, I was going to message you on FB to tell you the exact same thing Randy.. the flow should not take them offsite but rather to another landing page that educates them with a video and further sells the product. Surprisingly you are not offering a BuilderallU Guide or some other lead magnet on your page to collect an email opt-in. This should be done on both the landing page and the Free Training page which does not exist. This will put them into the sales funnel you are talking about here.

    • Had a lot of trouble with the drag and drop builder using a template and trying to get the mobile version to look right after every change to the desktop version…..arghhh…..frustrating..

    • There are pros and cons to the drag and drop builder.

      The pro is that you can customize every design for every device. Given a unique user experience every single time.

      The con is that it’s not that responsive to build.

      However, they are working on that.

      If you want 100% responsiveness without the need to adjust (or customize) you should use the responsive builder.

      Both are being improved and an upgraded version of the responsive builder is in test mode right now.
      The HTML5 builder will get better in time and more responsive.

      Nobody has this done yet, so it’s cutting edge work and lots of trial and error. For now, I just suggest trying to find a good method to setup one page (this takes time…) and than duplicate pages to make tweaks ad adjustments.

    • Well is they used a css like boot strap it would automatically be responsive. As mobile traffic is higher than desktop traffic. this should be the main concern

    • For now yes, soon when we have some better infrastructure we might expand into a membership fee.
      We are too small for now to do that right now. We just launched. So in a few months, we will check out that option.

    • +NuMedia Publishing thanks ? I agree but first I’ll give a lot more away for free 🙂 and we will keep doing that.

      BuilderAll U membership should be an increase service / interaction / contact. The information will always be shared for free…

      The moment the channel becomes bigger and the amount of interaction increases. That’s when we will segment the people who want more vs the people who love this and our blog (coming up soon).

      The information stays the same, the level of I intimacy goes up.

      What would you like to see more off?

  2. On mobile, some people unsubscribe by accidentally clicking the link with their finger. That’s one reason to do the double opt-out.

  3. Good afternoon,
    well I would like to know the price of this system and how can I be a
    representative, I also want to know how I can install in my hosting
    because I am from Brazil, I await a response, there are you have skype.

    • Sorry for the late response. Going through all the questions and replies today and saw I missed this one. It’s only $30 a month. Hit me up on FB (randy hereman) and send me a message if you want to join under my tier and receive from extra benefits.

  4. Great tutorial value! Going back and commenting after watching them all. Appreciate real world aspect of it also – sometimes things don’t work as you expect and you show how to get around issues. Hope you continue series!! Thank you so much!!

    • These videos are a few months old already and BA added a lot of new features and changes. Soon I will make new videos with updates dashboards, features, tools and more.

    • That’s great ,Thanks I think it’s a mistake for Builderall to abandon live support and force members to choose a help category that perhaps many genuine queries do not fit into. There are many glitches and builderall US still feels fairly new and could use the help of members to point out where they can fix or improve problems especially within the 2tier membership , these are people after all that want to make money and make money for builderall. You want to be confident in the platform you are selling , providing value to your own affiliates means being accessible. Great platform , great tools but needs a lot of work, not to just say oh but look what your getting for 29pm , well you get what you pay for , now we need to overdeliver on service to make all the tools work. Accessibility for me is key, it’s everything ! 😉

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