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PLEASE NOTE: Free affiliate training comes with the tier 2 purchase, not just for signing up for BuilderAll. That was unclear in the video.

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Builderall has been advertising hard the past few weeks, leaving a lot of people wondering what exactly it is. In this Builderall review we will try to take a glance at the platform itself and see what options Builderall offers.

As I mention in the review, in my opinion, Builderall does a lot of things semi-well, but nothing great. If you are using it for funnel creation, you definitely want to stick with ClickFunnels, but if you can't afford ClickFunnels and need some of the other features such as app creation, Builderall may be the best choice.

As I mentioned above, my biggest beef with Builderall is that they do not offer any sort of responsive design. In my opinion all websites need to be responsive today. Builderall makes it incredibly easy by creating a drag and drop builder where you literally can plop your images anywhere you want, but that means it does not use the grid system of columns, etc. that traditional websites use.

The one perk to Builderall is definitely the cost. $29 (if you use the link above) cannot be beat. However one usually should worry when you know everyone is paying $29, and that 60% of that is going to affiliates, meaning Builderall only gets about $12. That is not a lot of money to run a business and we may see it reflected eventually on servers, support, etc.

The one thing I loved about Builderall was the app creation. If you need to quickly add value to clients, build a quick app. even if it isn't that hard, clients will love you. This review of Builderall makes sure to show you how easy it is to do in the video.

The mailing platform in Builderall left a lot to be desired. I was sure to mention it in the review, but you can tell pretty quickly that Builderall's mailing software doesn't measure up to Active Campaign and some of the other better known mailing softwares.

The good thing is that Builderall now integrates with Active Campaign so you can do that if you want.

The problem is that the reason Builderall is "so great" is that it is an all in one solution, so if you have to start adding integrations then what is the point of Builderall?

In conclusion to this Builderall review, Builderall is a platform with a lot of bells and whistles. They offer a lot of features, but nothing they do is "best of class". Grab them if you need a cheap solution, but if you are a big business with big ambitions, Builderall isn't for you.

27 thoughts on “Builderall review – A Complete Look at the Builderall Platform

  1. Hi, I wonder why you didn’t use the new(?) responsive page/blog builder? Builderall seems to have been around for 5-7years in Brazil as „OMB100“ so I think they have kept the old builder and a new builder? Not sure though. I haven’t signed up yet just watched different videos 🙂

  2. Hi, thank u for the review. i am interested in signing up, but i was hoping to get a little more info on your free affiliate training. it seems that even if i dont end up loving this platform, it will pretty much pay for itself if u have enough ppl sign up with u. i just need help getting people to sign up, and how to go about it. Thx!

    • Yep that is true! My course focuses on a lot more than Builderall. It has a section on getting affiliates that are already searching for Builderall that would probbly work for someone like you that wasn’t actively using Builderall.

    • It’s all relative my friend. When a tool can boast that hundreds of users are bringing in millions of dollars a year and each of these individuals gives the tool a large part of the credit, then that tool can charge more.

      Builderall cannot boast that and thus cannot charge higher prices.

    • Agreed. Either way you go or start you are going to have to lay out some funds. I figured I’d give the builderall a shot for now since its more within my price point t at the moment. I did use your link . I’m all in just need some guidance I suppose. Thanks for the review

    • Yeah I’m an affiliate, I didn’t realize they started telling people who their affiliate signup came from and calling them „sponsors“ haha. I think you messaged me on FB right? Feel free to ask questions there or in my FB group.

  3. Nah that wasn’t me. I saw sponsor one day on there and then didn’t see it again. It might have been when I first signed up and then remembered I had used your link to sign up. I’m pretty new to all this marketing. I sell a lot online just in the marketplaces I’m trying to broaden my horizons. Thanks

    • Oh whoops haha. I got a message on FB yesterday from someone saying something similar. Anyway, let me know if you need help and feel free to join the group where I teach a lot of this stuff.

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