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I've been using Clickfunnels since mid-2015. It's come a LOOONG way into the robust funnel / landing page builder it is today.

Enter BuilderAll, the new kid on the block.

I take about 10 minutes to go over some of my Pros/Cons of the platform vs Clickfunnels (and some WordPress options).

Check it out. Let me know what you think. If you have any questions, post them in the comments!

10 thoughts on “Builderall vs Clickfunnels Review

  1. Hey David, nice walk through. The issue with mobile you have is you have not gone into setting and switched on tablet, and mobile. That must be done for the site to be responsive. After that click on the wrench top left and you should be good.

  2. A few additions to your valuable information David. You will be pleased to hear that the BuilderAll company is established, the base product has been the most used website builder in Brazil and been around for 7 years, they are not going anywhere! They have made it their mission to bring affordable software, packaged as one, to the small business. They have 60 developers working day and night to make this dream a reality! Get on now for $29 for life with an affiliate link, it is already $47 on the main website honestly you will not be sorry.
    I love Click Funnels being qualified as a Certified Partner (well last year but I couldn’t front the $5000 for this)
    I agree with your point about clients, that is where I too have struggled, delivering a service that starts with such a high price especially as Click Funnels actually says you should not run client accounts on your own account!
    As we all have to be aware, there is nothing more CONSTANT than CHANGE!
    This company will be HUGE! 🙂

    • Thrive Themes vs. BuilderAll
      In a way, it is incomparable! Thrive Themes is exclusively related to WordPress. BuilderAll has nothing to do with WordPress. It gives you the ability to do as much as you want HTML pages with SSL certification. The sites you build you can sell. It would take too long for me to list what all BuilderAll offers. It’s best to try it. You’ve got seven days trial period for which you do not need a credit card. You have no obligations. For seven days if you do not like just do not buy it. As for prices, Thrive Themes is almost twice as expensive unless you are building sites for your own needs, and then it’s more costly and does not offer either 70% of what you get with the BuilderAll platform. It should be noted that it takes some time to get used to BuilderAll. It is not difficult, just the opposite, but some things do a little different than you used in WordPress.

  3. Great video.. I admire russell brunson but then theres builderall i think its good.. for beginners what do you think would be a better choice?

    • Hi John. I’ve heard Russell in interviews & podcasts. Successful and interesting. I want to read his book. And clickfunnels is, apparently, great at what it does.
      BUT it costs a lot. Funnels (for one site): $97/month. No site, hosting, email, etc. Want to connect more sites? From what I’ve heard, that’s an extra $25/month per site.

      Add the email component…another hundred or so. Granted, that’s for „unlimited“ addresses & sending. And to be an affiliate, another $100 a month. (Altogether $297 for „the deluxe package“.

      Builderall, otoh, gives you hosting of unlimited domains (full sites, not just funnels). Unlimited funnels. Hundreds of templates to design your full sites AND funnels. Plus 10k emails with unlimited sending. Plus a ton of other features I’m not going to detail here.

      And ALL of that…costs less than $50 a month! (Substantially less if they’re having a promotion.) They, too, have an affiliate program ($97 ONE TIME fee. Not monthly, like cf’s.) Etc.

      Yes, I am a rep. No, I’m not posting an affiliate link. PM me if you like. But mostly I just wanted to add some facts for you & others to consider.


  4. Can you build member websites where people have to be a member of your site to see content? Also, What are the loading speeds on the funnels?

    • Membership site? Yes. It has templates ready for customizing.
      Funnel load times: That depends on how much you’ve loaded into the pages with the funnels. There are lots and lots (and LOTS) of bells & whistles. Floating video. Sliding graphics. Etc. Etc.
      Make a simple squeeze page, offer page, etc: fast load. Build a massive long VSL with six videos, many graphics, parallax and animated elements and a ton of text in different fonts, blah blah blah…slower.

  5. David Phillips Hi David. I realize you were doing basically and unboxing look at Builderall. No doubt you know it better now. And yes, it does have a TON of features. But, since there were a few „hey, why does it (or doesn’t it) do this“ moments in your video, I figured I’d horn in.

    I have had it awhile, watched a bunch of the videos and just started to really figure it out. (And, full disclosure, I’m a white label owner and, soon, affiliate. But no, not posting affiliate link. Just want to clarify for you & others.)

    Hard time centering the headline? In addition to the ruler (which you did have toggled on) there’s a grid to facilitate precise alignment. And, if you’d been dragging it a certain way, you’d also have target lines.

    You wondered why the mobile layout looked screwy. They provide desktop, tablet and phone view in edit mode so you can check the layout. When you’ve done it for, say, destktop…you save it, then check the view in the other two sizes.

    You can then adjust anything that didn’t position right. BUT here’s a cool thing. Click the wrench icon and a smart agent will try to fit the elements in better. Do that and see what, if anything, still needs adjustment. Drag & drop to taste, then save. Voila. Mobile-ready.

    Well, that brings us up to the first third of the video. I’ll try to bite my tongue rather than say „oh, try this. Yes, that feature is over /there/. Actually it does way MORE than…“


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