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My name is Mike Caldwell and I'm one of the original Clickfunnels Certified Consultants. Earlier this week when I heard there was a "Clickfunnels Killer" just released I laughed.

I'm not laughing now. I'm STOKED!

BuilderAll blew my mind. It's unbelievable how much it can do. Clickfunnels functionality pales in comparison.

Where Clickfunnels can only build sales funnels, BuilderAll cannot only build better sales funnels, but it can also build SEO websites and even blogs!

That in itself should be reason to switch, but the fact that BuilderAll costs 1/10th the price of Clickfunnels, makes moving platfo!

At $29/mth, you'd be a fool not to hop on this deal RIGHT NOW.

Oh, and check out in the video how long it takes BuilderAll to respond to my support request!

Click the link to get it before the price goes up:

14 thoughts on “Clickfunnels Consultant Reviews BuilderAll

  1. Builderall looks like a very interesting tool.
    PS: that floating video doesn’t show on neither Safari, Firefox nor Chrome on my Mac.

    • That was a Flash update those providers created. BuilderAll is now moving the floating video over to html5 so it will work on all systems.

  2. its sad that you guys refuse to learn the skills it takes to build everything from scratch it doesn’t take as long as everyone claims. anytime you’re using 3rd party you’re putting your online business at risk if the company gets shut down

  3. is it true that builder all is not mobile optimized? We’re in the culture where we use our mobile devices 80 percent of the time. It would suck if it isn’t optimized

    • It is true that it is not „automatically“ mobile optimized. What happens is that you build your page in desktop view. Then go to the mobile or tablet areas. All the content from your desktop is there, but BuilderAll gives you the ability to move the content onto the mobile platform any way you like. So BuilderAll actually gives the creator more design control and customization of the mobile and template views. This is actually a good thing, because you should present your content differently to people on different platforms.

    • I have been meaning to get my membership sites moved over to BuilderAll but haven’t been able to get around to it yet. So I honestly don’t know what is happening on the payment/membership side of things. Sorry.

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