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Trying to decide if ClickFunnels or Builderal is the best solution for you and your business?

Look no further then this Builderall vs. ClickFunnels review.

I take a look at a lot of different parts of Builder and ClickFunnels.

Specifically I look at their landing page designers, where I think ClickFunnels is the winner.

I also look at total capabilities where Builderall is the pretty clear winner. It has many bells and whistles that ClickFunnels does not have.

When it comes to reliability and doing things "well", I think ClickFunnels is once again the clear winner. They have issues, but they have been around for longer and have worked many more issues out than Builderall.

I also peek at their affiliate programs. They both have unique aspects to them, so that is probably a tie.

Ultimately if I had to start out and was trying to decide between Builderall and ClickFunnels I would stick with ClickFunnels. They do a lot less, but they do it better.

In my opinion when you add a lot of bells and whistles you sacrifice reliability and doing things well.

So I use ClickFunnels and Active Campaign.

I have heard many things about Builderall struggling with email deliverability and that cannot happen in a business. If your emails aren't arriving to inboxes than there is no point in literally anything.

However, if you simply can't afford ClickFunnels, then Builderall is a pretty good choice.

Be sure to use the bonuses above because you get a significantly cheaper monthly price when you sign up with my link for Builderall.

With ClickFunnels you get tons of bonuses, so it is a win win.

Good luck in your decision.

52 thoughts on “ClickFunnels verse Builderall – The Ultimate Comparison

  1. Great video, thanks! Just want to say that we do offer a lot of tools, but our main tool is the website builder html5 with hundreds of features… and this is one of the best website builder in the world!

  2. hello, i think you really need to have a second look at Builderall, in my opinion, you did a review of the builderall solution much too early and you have misjudged it’s power and it’s capabilities, builderall and click funnels are two completely separate platforms an they serve two different target markets, builderall has a completely different toolset with a few similarities to clickfunnels and that’s it, for example, you can build apps in builderall, i do not think you can do that on clickfunnels, because clickfunnels is all about sales funnels, it is also clear that most people misjudge builderall based on the smaller price tag, you would never realy know how far you can go with builderall until you sign up, login and start using the tools, it has two separate website buildes , meant for two different sets of people depending on HOW you like to work, some of us would like to customize the user experience on mobile devices and that is what the drag and drop site builder is for, if, on the other hand, you just want to build one single, responsive site that has the same features on all devices, the responsive site builder is there for you, the best way to check out the builderall toolset, is to sign up for the 7 day trial, use the tools and then make the decision yourself whether you would like to proceed or not, it has to be a persona decision, not an influenced one, thanks

    • Always appreciate feedback. I have heard this a few times and will be revisiting Builderall in a few weeks to give it a more in depth look. I do say that I think ClickFunnels is best for specifically funnels, which I stand by. Personally I think a website on WordPress and a sales funnel in ClickFunnels is the way to go, but I welcome other opionins 🙂

    • It is meant to. I have tried using it and it is a little clunky and tough to use. I think the one I demonstrated is still their primary page builder.

  3. I don’t like builderall I would not recommend it a for a beginners click funnels or conversions pros in my opinion is better .. being cheap is a quick way to fail

    • KING DRAKKAR Well said. Price shouldn’t be the end all be all. Tide laundry detergent costs more than the $1.00 laundry detergent you can buy at Dollar Tree. Yes the $1.00 detergent is cheaper but it is definitely not better. You get what you pay for.

  4. This is truly a great video. I’m so glad to have found you. I will go with your link for the builderall site so that I can also receive your trainings being that I’m truly new at this but just like you’ve become an expert I know that down the line I will as well as long as I have someone like you coaching me.

    • Sorry, I’ve been so busy tryna buy things that are truly necesary for my family in Puerto Rico that I had to leave this for this upcoming week but believe me I’m buying through your link to receive the trainngs on how to become an affiliate which is something I would like to do.

    • I have another question. Does your affiliate program take you step by step on how to build and create and affiliate site where you can begin promoting others to those links and do you teach the steps to do that. The reason why I ask is because I’m new and need to know exactly what I need to do to have an affiliate program set. Does it tell you step by step how to create an affiliate site?

    • Hmmmm….I wouldn’t say so. Honestly my course is geared towards people that are already Clickfunnels affiliates and trying to find other affiliate programs and new strategies to promote. I teach how to use Adwords and how to make and rank and monetize YouTube videos, I teach solo ads, and a lot of other things, but probably not a „step by step“ on how to create an affiliate site…

    • dude can you explain to me what this is? white label? as in same as private labelling a software? wtf lol
      so this one is 27.5usd a month so 2.5usd cheaper?
      whats the difference?
      are they both the same?

    • It’s EXACTLY the same. Builderall sold some „white label“ accounts when they released. So they let people change the name of the software and resell it. Yes, „private labeling“ would be accurate too. So that link above is the exact same program, support from the same people, etc..

    • i guess for reliability reason one would pay the extra 2.5 dollars to go with buliderall, still not sure about their responsiveness to different screen sizes as ive seem multiple reviews talk about it, it a hug deal to me

    • They have a responsive builder, but I hate it. I have only seen a few Builderall sites that looked great on mobile, and I’m pretty sure they had to do quite a bit to make it work.

    • you see tahts what im afraid of, i dont want to do a lot of work for each screen size..
      that leaves us with convertri (much faster than click funnels) and its 59 for 50 funnels and 500 pages, or 69 for 200 funnels and 2000 pages. its much faster than clickfunnels

  5. Yup. CF builds funnels and you can add on email marketing. And that’s about it. Cost: $97-297 per month for just funnels. Up to 200/mo to add email. No hosting. No full website design. No video, animation or presentation builder. No app builder. Social media integration? Maybe, I dunno. But if so, only into your funnels, not into your sites (since it doesn’t build sites.)
    Builderall does ALL that. And more. For $50 or less per month. Is CF better for funnels? Depends. Maybe easier (since that’s about all it does, it’s more focused). But BA is even more versatile and customizable for funnels.
    So if you wanna pay $300-500 per month…AND shell out separately for hosting, design, etc. … go with CF. If you’d rather get funnels, email, hosting, design, video/animation/presentation/app design for under $50/mo…go with Builderall.

    Do I use BA? Yes. Have I tried CF? No. But I know the prices. Yes, I’m a BA reseller. But on a channel other than the one I’m posting with here. And no affil link or anything.

    Ask yourself…is it worth 6-10x the price…for a product that does less?

    • Hey Bruce, awesome response! You don’t meet many people willing to adjust their position these days. You are right, a lot of it does depend on what you are trying to do, and where you are at in your journey.

      Just to answer your question (if it was a question haha). The autoresponder is only an additional $99, then the other $99 (to make a total of $300) is the affiliate program. Most people don’t realize you can email CF and get a $199 a month plan if you just want the autoresponder.

      There autoresponder is incredible, but doesn’t have tiers. So if you have 100 subscribers than $100 a month is crazy. If you have 50,000 subscribers, then $100 is what you would pay anywhere.

      Hope that helps! Seriously wishing you the best of luck!

    • Buildapreneur Thanks for the kind and informative reply. That’s stuff I didn’t know about CF, but was curious about (for comparison). Interesting that they have an unlimited email package.
      With BA, the standard package (at least when I got in) is 5k addresses, unlimited send. That’s in the $50 regular (or $30 special) plan. (I’m grandfathered in at below that.) And each additional thousand email addresses is just a buck. (Wholesale. Resellers can mark it up.)

      My understanding was that CF was 97 or 297. Plus 200ish for email. Didn’t know the extra 100 was to be affiliate. (Or is that part of the 297?) That’s a lot. But I’ve heard commission is 40%. So commission on 2.5 basic packages or one or so larger packages would cover it, then you’re in profit.

      I’m not too keen on „pay monthly to be affiliate“ schemes. Worth it once you „recruit“ a few. But you’ve gotta eat it til then. And beat the churn.

      Curious about the difference between the 97 and 297 level. But I can check that out on the site I guess.

      Best of luck to you too

    • They don’t advertise the $197 plan but you can request it 🙂 The full $297 plan is $100 for CF, $100 for email autoresponder, and $100 to run your own affiliate program for your funnels. So not just to be an affilaite, but to have your own affiliate program. They deal with W9s, taxes, link tracking, etc.

      Most people don’t use CF as an affiliate though, it is an integral part of their business. They run their affiliate program, all of their email, and all their paid ads through it.

      So $97 is sales funnels and integrations. $197 includes autoresponder (though actionetics has a lot of other stuff too). $297 runs your affiliate program for you too.

      To each his own though 🙂

    • Buildapreneur Ah. Very clearly delineated and instructive. I was thinking the bill could hit 500 (297 for CF deluxe level, 200 for email) when, apparently, 297 „gets you everything“ Comparisons I’ve seen were misleading. I’ve copied your two replies for my future reference. Thanks again.

  6. Hey, cool video man, thnx ! Im from Brasil and Im thinking about BA and CF all the time…. I had 2 books from russel, Im still reading…. I just finished a Music Prod course and I really need to put this online to sale….. Any ways I will need to learn about both….. I got what you said about both….. but I still dont know what to choose, coz like you said both are great depends what side do you think…. well…. I am almost choosing BA but when I think about funnels – this is what I need, to sale – and then I stay with no decision…. Im almost there…. tnx a lot again man, cheers !

    • Thanks! At the end I mention that I would choose ClickFunnels + WordPress personally. The CF community + training that you are constantly getting is an incredible asset. Let me know what you decide and I can get you the bonuses.

  7. Hi! I’m trying to look for scraping tools in both ClickFunnels and got curious with BuilderAll. At 10:03 you mentioned about targeting facebook accounts and said ClicikFunnels have that. I think you just overlooked this same feature in BuilderAll, under Facebook Integration –> Facebook Leads Capture. I wish you could correct this information for credibility purposes. Thanks!

    • Thanks for writing in. I am not talking about the Facebook leads capture, I am talking about email automation at that point and the abilitity of ClickFunnels email automation platform to pull social information on people and let you use that information in your automation sequences. Builderall email automation doesn’t have the same capabilities.

  8. I like how you did this since you have both you can be less biased. But could you do a video on OSP Vs TCP. Online Sales Pro Vs The Conversion Pros. Maybe even Get Response Vs Aweber. From an affiliate stand point if it makes money then sell it. I want to connect all together each platform has its plus & minuses. I’m interested in your course I’m new to online marketing n affiliate marketing. N u did mention my concern with the site responsiveness. Means more time building the site. Rather than just let the site work.

  9. I just joined Builderall yesterday. Builderall is extremely flexible when it comes to design of your page. You canput text over objects like images, images over other images and create a whole new image. I love that. With flexibility comes the pain of having to design for mobile, tablet and laptop. However, since I’m not planning on designing dozens of landing pages, that’s not such a big deal. Yes, it takes 3 times as much time but given the price of clickfunnels, I’ll take my time dealing with that. So, I was able to design a mobile-friendly page yesterday in Builderall. My question to @builderapreneur is, putting this non-issue of mobile-friendliness aside, why is Clickfunnels better ? I haven’t tried Clickfunnels but I’d like to know if their funnels have a certain functionality that is missing in BA? Thanks.

  10. Good information Spencer, thanks. I’ve been following Russell, Frank Kern, Paul Lynch and several other marketers for the last year. In the last few weeks, I was ready to sign up with CF, but read some reviews about some software unstable issues. This is how I found out about BA. After your video, I’m leaning back towards CF. I’ve built websites but I am ready to get into funnel mktg. The email responder feature is very important to me. Does the email feature within CF come with the basic package? Again, I’m ready to sign up within a few days and would like to follow your suggestions. Thanks again.

    • Yeah CF has some unstability issues, but they have gotten much better. I’ve had no issues for awhile now. And I think Builderall has more issues now haha.

      The email autoresponder does not come with the basic plan in CF. However, I would recommend using ClickFunnels + Active Campaign. Easy integration and Active Campaign is incredibly powerful.

      Does that help?

    • Yes it does help, thank you! I’m very familiar with Constant Contacts but I will follow your suggestion and look into Active Campaign. Thanks again for your personal feedback, it means a lot. BTW, if I sign up with CF via Buildapreneur… would you offer your training program? Thanks again.

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