Honest Comparison Clickfunnels Vs Builderall



Builderall is fairly new to the market and are looking to give Clickfunnels a run for their money.

Can they measure up to the hype?

I made this short video to show you what to expect when you view a funnel made in Clickfunnels vs. made in Builderall

I also show what they each look like behind the scenes so you can get a feel for the editor.

With Clickfunnels you get..
Drag and drop sales funnel builder
Payment processor integrations
Email integration
Hosting for your funnel steps
All for $97 (free trial = )

With Builderall you get all that and…
App developer
Presentation builder
ebook/graphic design builder/helper
Email Autoresponder (not just integrations)
All for $29/month (free trial = )

I'm sure I forgot to mention a few details of what all is included in both so feel free to use the links to get a free trial and explore both options.

Clickfunnels Free Trial =
Builderall Free Trial =

14 thoughts on “Honest Comparison Clickfunnels Vs Builderall

  1. Builderall has the wysiwyg designer (semi-responsive to screen size) that he’s showing here. But ALSO has a responsive site editor. So you can use the blocks to ensure better arrangement on devices.

    Builderall includes a very good email autoresponder package. No extra charge. And a ton of other features. A few he touched on. Many he didn’t even mention.

    Vs. Clickfunnels at $100-300/mo. No hosting. Meh SEO. Autoresponder up to 200 extra per month. You can share layouts, funnels, etc on the BA platform, amongst BA members, for free. ETc Etc. Etc.

    BA for the win. Clickfunnels…for hundreds of dollars a month. And more expense for the stuff that BA includes for 50 a month or less.

    • Hi Ben. Yeah. I got in in spring. Dug in then. But just getting back into it now. I’m also reseller. Gonna be setting that up and promoting it soon. But the 2-tier thing began after that. Not familiar with it.
      I’m trying to locate the DNS info in the back office. Can’t find it. Do you have it handy? (Hmm…I think it’s probably already on a few domains at GoDaddy. I can probably just copy it from some there that I’ve already pointed.) It should be more easily findable in BA help, though.

      Sooooo many features. To figure out. To apply to my projects. To make vids about to promote. Sigh.

    • bruh can you check if the responsive site editor fixes the screen resize issue before i buy this, i dont wana spend 100 bucks jeez

    • You would edit one version to look good on desktop, tablet and mobile.

      And last I checked, it’s still $29 with the link in the description above, not $100 as you mentioned.

  2. Ya, cool video, thnx man ! So, could you tell me a really bad point about builder all ? Im thinking to get this next week…. Im from brasil and Im working with another one but I really want to change it, Cheers !!

  3. You can actually control the responsivness of the site in all 3 Environments:Desktop Tablet and Smartphone. If you want I can show you just send me a message.

  4. I started using Builderall a few months ago.  My issue isn’t the interface or functionality – it’s more Support (or lack thereof).  There’s no Support SLA, no chat support, no phone-in support, and the only support you get is on the Builderall Forum, and there’s no guarantee of getting your issue solved there – it’s a mix of BA Users and BA Employees.  I’ve had issues (like customer sites down) go unanswered for DAYS at a time.  Not good, and I’ve had to escalate and throw tantrums to get heard in the Facebook group.  A minor (sort-of) secondary issue with BA is their tendency to roll out upgrades/updates to the BA platform during business hours.  The entire BA Platform will go down with no explanation (other than maybe in the Facebook group).  As far as sales funnels go, I like BA, but it’s my first toe in the water of sales funnels and marketing.   My honest opinion having used BA for 7 months now is that I wouldn’t use BA for anything mission-critical, or as your only source of consulting or MLM (Yes, Builderall is a Multi-level-marketing setup) income.  BA is a good but immature platform that needs work.  For now, I won’t put new clients on it (other than small clients who have a very small budget), but I have hopes that BA can overcome its growing pains.

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