10 thoughts on “How To Create a Membership Site with Builderall

  1. Hi I wonder if I set up a membership site / course in builderall – can I also make affiliates for that? Like if Person A sells my membership site to person B for $50 can I get $25 and Person A get $25? (sorry if you covered that somewhere in the video, haven’t watched all of it)

    • Mason Lee so far Builderall support (who I sent an email to the day after I commented here) has not answered. But two of the other people making YouTube videos have and both have not yet thoroughly tested it but say neither the checkout app (as shown in the video above) nor the new courses app that they are working on does allow for affiliates. So right now if you are in the business of selling courses Builderall is not yet for you/ me. Teachable, Kajabi and Thinkific are.

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