Jurassic Park Builder – ALL DINOSAURS – E13



This is a free facebook game 🙂 If You have free time and love Jurassic park You should enjoy this little game 🙂 It is based like all facebook games, getting money, building and waiting 🙂 Don't spend money and let's play together 🙂

Watch in HD! 720p / 1080p is just for You 🙂


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Jurassic Park Builder:


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19 thoughts on “Jurassic Park Builder – ALL DINOSAURS – E13

  1. There is battles now , they updated it. And u should do an episode looking at everyone of ur friends parks even if they are low level they have good stuff aswell I’m on 17 and I’m doing really good. Plz do what I saod it will be awesome. And do more than one a week or month, make it like 1_2 a week but now u can do the other parks like glacier or aquatic. Plz read my comment

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