31 thoughts on “Jurassic Park Builder: ALL DINOSAURS – Part 2

  1. BTW not hating but you don’t have all the aquatic creatures, you don’t have the colossal squid or the sea scorpion… just saying.

  2. you idiot! Spinosaurus and kin where the only dinosaurs to swin not these prehistoric fish lizards sharks and other reptiles

    • +Epanterias Productions It’s just a gaming video based on Jurassic park , people easy forget themselves when linking it to Jurassic park and may just class them all as „dinos“ ,even if some are fish…after all even in the movie Jurassic Park contained animals from the cretaceous period as well as Jurassic …It might as well be prehistoric park ..

    • Jurassic Park isn’t just dinosaurs like many think. It’s about all PREHISTORIC life (well the game is anyway). These creatures are all prehistoric counting them in the game. Also, the Spinosaurus family of dinosaurs swam, yes, but they would never fully submerge underwater. They only put their heads under to catch prey. Also ALSO, you guys need to know the difference between ‚Your‘ and ‚You’re‘.

    • +Henry Brooke yeah plus the park is „Jurassic but plenty are cretaceous ..and your right cusjesus it’s just a game dinos is easy to say tto cover the animals xD“ and what are you talking about Spiney spwam underwater and also could fly and breath fire get them facts straight ..lol jk xD

  3. Um, guys, you just said why not archelon and others, and glacier park…. Because they not buy these dinosaurs into his video, and glacier is another episode for him. So, I see, my aquatic park is very interesting, so, I buy a very large megalodon.

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