Mario Builder – ALL POWER UPS



Mario Builder – All Power Ups

Showcasing all of the power ups as of what Mario Builder has. Also, usually you would see all 5 Yoshis in this level but due to a bug that appears a 1UP mushroom instead of Yoshis from beginning till the end I had to utulize Koopas instead. Eitherway it'll show all the powers nonetheless.

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  1. Item List:
    Super Mushroom
    Fire Flower
    Ice Flower
    Flower (Super Mario Land. Turns Mario into Superball Mario. It was a Gambeboy game, hence the black and white colors)
    Spark Flower (I think that’s what its called? This is a fanamade item)
    Super Leaf
    Fire Leaf (Fanmade)
    Tanooki Suit
    Hammer Suit
    Frog Suit
    Carrot (Super Mario Land 2)
    Bomb Mushroom (Fanmade)
    Starman/Invincible Star
    Blue Shell
    Bowser Shell (Fanmade)
    Poison Mushroom
    1-up Mushroom
    3-up Moon (Super Mario World)
    Green Yoshi
    Goomba’s Shoe/Kuribo’s Shoe

    There are also different Yoshis in this game from Super Mario World, Like the Blue and Red Yoshis. There’s a special Orange Yoshi in Mario Builder that becomes invincible each time it eats a Koopa Shell.

    Hope this helped.

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