Russell Brunson Explains Difference Between Clickfunnels and BuilderAll



In this video Russell Brunson explains his frustrations with people not using his platform properly and also with the people who complain that Clickfunnels costs too much.

In contrast, BuilderAll chooses to work with anyone who would like an internet presence. The platform can currently be purchased for $29.99/mth and if any bugs are found in it, BuilderAll wants to know right away so they can be fixed.

39 thoughts on “Russell Brunson Explains Difference Between Clickfunnels and BuilderAll

  1. I already have Builderall otherwise I most certainly would have used your link, I am impressed with Builderall because I thought Divi could not be beaten.

  2. For those who don’t know, getting the CF certification is a long and arduous process. And costly. It’s now 10K. It’s no small fete of accomplishment.

    re-the 3:51 mark: I was one of those CFCP whose certification was REVOKED– with NO screenshot to prove their reasoning as to why! When I pressed for the screenshot to prove their action,(It sounds arbitrary and subjective. I have said and done nothing to deserve this. I want a screenshot of the infraction.) I got. „There won’t be any further communication from me on the subject. The decision is final. “ BAMM! That was it! After paying THOUSANDS of dollars, I am revoked w/o explanation. Of course they don’t want the PUBLIC to know how they treat their own people.

  3. I have never used ClickFunnels, so I won’t compare, one thing that I can say, is that I have never ever seen such a platform like BuilderAll, everything is in one place, it is absolutely mind blowing. I love it, period!

  4. I’m just say one thing about BilderAll, they have a fantastic plataforma, fantastic team to help you in anything for you put your business online and a great leader, i’m never get off BuilderAll, lets go and joy with us 😉 and the best the value never change 😉 and you recives all novelty without increase your cost.

    • I think he has a reason to be.
      BuilderAll has lots of great features and they are working on adding more. Maybe building websites aren’t just for people who have an established business. I always thought clickfunnels was too expensive. That is part of the reason I am using BuilderAll. Among other reasons. It helps that there is an autoresponder service built in. All the services saves a lot of hassle and money in the long run.

  5. I believe you Mike because builderall is digging in the competitors pockets only because builderall has weighed much more value that all of these other sales funnel building platforms.

  6. „I’d fly around the country to wrestle people“… What a dbagger.. Ill never purchase dickfunnels now because of that comment. I’m a builderall guy all the way.

  7. Apparently Clickfunnels doesn’t approve of this video and contacted YouTube informing them of my „copyright infringement“ on the video they encourage people to „share“. Youtube considered their request and told them there was no wrongdoing here. Here is the email I received:

    We received the copyright infringement notification below regarding your video(s). We believe your content is protected by fair use, fair dealing, or a similar exception to copyright protection. We are writing to let you know we do NOT plan to remove your video(s) at this time. You have control over the availability of videos on your channel, including the ability to delete them if you choose.
    Please be advised it is possible the copyright owner will approach you directly to request removal or take other action.
    This email is not intended as legal advice. If you are interested in more information regarding your options in this matter, you may wish to consult a qualified attorney.
    Copyright Infringement Notification Confirmation
    Thank you for your submission. It is under review to ensure it is valid and includes all required elements. We will reply to this email when we’ve taken action on your request.
    Here is the information you filled in:
    Copyright Owner Name (Company Name if applicable): Etison LLC

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