SketchUp Skill Builder: All about Guide Lines



Sacagawea, Marco Polo, Tenzing Norgay… What do these folks have in common? Not only were they all potential names for Aaron's first child, they were GUIDES! Check it out as Aaron runs us through the perks of using guides in SketchUp!

Download model here:

20 thoughts on “SketchUp Skill Builder: All about Guide Lines

  1. Good video, but its very simple and obvious. Please make video about how to work with tubes and spheres. Thank you.

  2. Hello Aron…Thank You for your tutorials…!   If you make guidelines on a component or group, You can then „enter“ and make more guides in here…“Delete all guides“ is then active Only inside this component/group.  (When you close the group/component, guides outside are still present).  PS: Guides can be moved and rotated via the normal tools. Helpful on roofing angles.

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