Super Mario Run – Kingdom Builder – ALL Items Unlocked



All items unlocked in Kingdom Builder in Super Mario Run for the iPad. This also includes Holiday and Nintendo account exclusive items. Items can be purchased with coins, and are unlocked upon getting an x number of a specific Toad color.

Super Mario Run playlist:

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28 thoughts on “Super Mario Run – Kingdom Builder – ALL Items Unlocked

    • AxeMaster1000 When do you think the game will be realeased for Android?, I expect for March 3rd, you know for the Switch launch…

    • AxeMaster1000 I can’t wait for this game either. But the preregistration started on IOS 2 months before the launch, that the why of my prediction 🙁 . I hope that I’m wrong..

  1. I heared something about nintendo youtube policy and youtubers have to be apart of it to post nintendo videos or they’ll claim the video. None of Sunny’s videos get taken down so I guess Sunny is apart of it.

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